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Exclusive Magazine: Review by Anne Carlini

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Title – ‘Eyes of the Sun’
Artist – Otis
For those not in the know, deep in South Central Kentucky authentic music is alive and well through native musicians who are still testifying to brothers and sisters all around the world.

Otis has taken in a steady diet of Roots, Blues, and Classic Rock and Roll, and created their own unique sound. Otis draws from the raw electric sounds of Muddy Waters and stirs in a heavy influence of Southern sounds, courtesy of The Allman Brothers Band, Wet Willie, and more.

This sums up what the sound of Otis is musically and gives a glimpse into the sound and soul of the four-piece band.

The members of Otis consist of Boone Froggett vocals/guitar, Steve Jewell guitar, John Seeley bass, and Andrew Gilpin drums. The members of Otis share the same vision of writing and creating organic music while taking their audience to church by hitting on all emotions.

And now the Southern Blues Rockers Otis are about to release their sophomore album, Eyes Of The Sun this September 15th, 2017 via Purple Pyramid Records / Cleopatra Records. Executive produced by Paul Nelson, it already has ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons commenting “Stunning” as his reaction to listening to it!

  1. ‘Change’
  2. ‘Blind Hawg’
  3. ‘Eyes Of The Sun’
  4. ‘Home’
  5. ‘Shake You’
  6. ‘Turn To Stone’
  7. ‘Washed My Hands’
  8. ‘Lovin’ Man’
  9. ‘Relief In C’
  10. ‘Chasing The Sun’
  11. ‘Let Your Love Shine Down’

They kick things off with the heavy-hittin’ ‘Change’ and back that up smoothly with both ‘Blind Hawg’ and the title twangin’ track ‘Eyes Of The Sun’. With obvious nods toward Lynyrd Skynyrd abounding, they polish that particular label in fine style with ‘Home’ and then back it with one of my own personal favorites, the guitar fest ‘Shake You’.

The ballad ‘Turn To Stone’ is next and that’s followed by the mid-tempo, searing guitar work of ‘Washed My Hands’. The tempo is back up to max for ‘Lovin’ Man’, which in turn is followed by a deceptively beautiful ‘Relief In C.’ Acoustic guitar twangin’ with notes all kept within the C range, of course, it is another stand out highlight of this fantastic new album.

The album then rounds out with the slow poke ‘Chasing The Sun’ and then the storytelling journey within ‘Let Your Love Shine Down’. A cross between a Gospel track and a backwoods BBQ sing-along, the track is just perfect to end an album that should give these guys everything they deserve on the Billboard Album’s Chart.

Review by Anne Carlini

Otis – ‘Eyes Of The Sun’ CD Purchase Link


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Interview: Simon Barrett Blog Talk Radio

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The Week In Reviews – OTIS – Broadcast in Music last Thursday


From the American South, Kentucky, comes a new group of southern blues rock champions, OTIS, who will be releasing their highly anticipated second album on Purple Pyramid Records on September 15th. Executive Produced by Grammy winning Blues/Rock guitar great Paul Nelson, who is best known for his work with the late Johnny Winter, OTIS’s “Eyes Of The Sun” takes blues rock to a higher level!

“If ever there were a band to fill the new top spot in the Jam Blues Rock scene and the void left by loss of groups like the Allman Brothers… ‘OTIS’ is it. This tight unit of talent from the back woods Kentucky has everything it takes to become one of music’s next great classic Blues Rock Bands!”- Paul Nelson

The band has earned accolades from ZZ Top guitarist Billy F. Gibbons who hailed the band’s “fine singing, sweet guitar tones…all around enjoyable listening!”

Simon Barrett


JP’s Music Blog: Review by James Pasinski

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CD Review: UFO Return With “The Salentino Cuts” & OTIS Aims For “The Sun”

Classic rock band UFO currently have one of their most steady line-ups of their entire 48 year career, having been together now for almost ten years. To celebrate that achievement, the band decided to record some of their favorite c0ver songs for their first every full covers album. The new release titled “The Salentino Cuts” will be released on September 29th on CD and limited edition vinyl.

The new 12-song album begins with the classic sixties sounding “Heartful Of Soul,” originally by The Yeardbirds. The band continues with an energized, punk-like version of The Doors’ “Break On Through (To The Other Side),” before trying their hand at an odd cover for UFO, Mad Season’s “River Of Deceit.” The music is almost identical to the original, while lead singer Phil Mogg’s vocals gives the song a bluesy vibe. UFO sound renewed during John Mellencamp’s “Paper In Fire,” while guitarist Vinnie Moore takes over the lead with his solos on Montrose’s “Rock Candy” and Robin Trower’s “Too Rolling Stoned.” They wrap up their new album with a return to the sixties with a hard rocking version of The Animals “It’s My Life.” UFO are currently on tour, just recently returning to the states for two months of shows. To find out more about their new album “The Salentino Cuts,” please visit the band’s Facbook page at

If the loss of the Allman Brothers Band have left a hole in your blues heart, then I have the perfect remedy, shot of OTIS! This south Kentucky band recently released their sophomore album, “Eyes Of The Sun” and have been hailed by legendary blues guitarist Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top). Their new 11-song release begins with “Change,” which will bring up memories of Duane Allman’s sweet slide guitar work as the band motors through this high-powered rock gem. The album continues with the big blues guitar sound of “Eyes Of The Sun” as lead singer Boone Froggett belts out the vocals with shear force. OTIS also showcase their ZZ Top influence on the guitar-boogie shuffle of “Home,” before the back-to-back six minute jams of “Shake You” and “Turn To Stone.” They finish up their new album with the swampy acoustic blues instrumental “Relief In C” and the 7-minute, gospel-like blues of “Let Your Love Shine Down.” To find out more about OTIS and their latest release “Eyes Of The Sun,” please visit

Saturday, September 23, 2017 JP’s Music Blog

Kentuckiana Blues Society: Review by Natalie Carter

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It’s a bit daunting, reviewing a piece by blues/rock music that’s already been touted by none other than Billy F. Gibbons, who hailed the band’s “fine singing, sweet guitar notes…all around enjoyable listening!” “Eyes of the Sun” was executive-produced by Grammy winning guitar great Paul Nelson, best known for his work with the late Johnny Winter, and the band has been mentored by blues/rock legend, Headhunter Greg Martin.

The promotional material refers to it as “southern blues rock”, and that’s definitely the bedrock. I’ve read comparisons to the jam-band styles of The Allman Brothers and Wet Willie, but this album is also drenched in vintage rock sounds that stir up essences of Robin Trower, Grand Funk Railroad, Steppenwolf…I get a whiff of something new/old/tasty every time I listen. Compelling vocals, ringing slide guitar on a foundation of Chicago electric blues…”Eyes of the Sun” has all of this and then some.

The first cut, “Change” highlights the essential southern rock slide guitar and features some nice backup vocals. The second cut, “Blind Hawg”, which is the first single from the album, is garage rock to perfection. Every good Kentuckian knows that “a blind hawg finds an acorn every now and then”. If not strictly a blues song, that’s a blues phrase if ever I’ve heard one.

Each song on this album is unique and the set is absolutely cohesive. Other standouts are “Shake You” and “Lovin’ Man”, and “Relief in C” brings some lovely things that are rather unexpected and drops them in the perfect spot in the arrangement.

The album is distributed by Cleopatra Records and is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Natalie Carter
Kentuckiana Blues Society

Midwest Records: Review – Otis/Eyes of the Sun

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Midwest Record – OTIS/Eyes of the Sun: If it wasn’t for the jam band ethos, the sound of Macon might have become just another trend lost in the fashion bin of time, but this set echoes the Allman’s, Marshall Tucker and Cowboy without a drop of manqueing around. Adding roots and other modern moves to the classic mix, this is a road warrior gateway about to swing wide open. Cock your ears in this direction to hear the blues rock roots etc sound the rolling down the pike to tomorrow right now. Hot.


Oasis Entertainment: Review – Eyes Of The Sun by Otis

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Oasis Entertainment – For my 493rd review I am proud to announce Eyes Of The Sun, the second album my Kentucky based southern blues band Otis, which will be released on September 15, 2017 on the Purple Pyramid Records label and distributed by Cleopatra Records. This Eleven track album has great guitar riffs and powerful vocals as found in such songs as Change, Home, Washed My Hands, Chasing The Sun, my favorite track off this album Turned To Stone and much more. I need to get my hands on their first album since I like their music so much. I was impressed on how well this album was written, performed, produced and recorded. This is a must for anyone’s music library. You can purchase this album at Bandcamp, Cleopatra Records, Itunes and everywhere else CD’s and digital downloads are sold.





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Eyes Of The Sun by Otis