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Otis live in London – Promo Video

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OTIS will kick off their first European show at the Boston Music Room in London this Friday! If you like Southern Rock from Kentucky then don’t miss the show!

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Steve Jewell Interview – OTIS – Everyone Loves Guitar #168

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“The #1 thing that’s most important for a band’s development is…”

Steve Jewell Jr. from OTIS, today on Everyone Loves Guitar podcast #168, off to tour Europe!

This call is a virtual seminar on what it takes to succeed in the music business, and how bands need approach this with that goal in mind…

Was lucky to catch Steve right before he and the band are headed out of the country to start their European tour and then circle back to tour the states during the Spring & Summer season…

Top 5 things OTIS has done to differentiate themselves from other bands, the journey from South Central Kentucky to being signed with a major label, and more…


Steve Jewell Interview – OTIS  – Everyone Loves Guitar #168

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A bit of fun

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So, we’ve been having a bit of fun making some promo videos for our upcoming Europe tour that starts in TWO WEEKS! And…. we just HAD to share one of our promo videos with you! Enjoy!
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