Otis – Eyes of the Sun (CD, Cleopatra, Blues/rock)

Blues rock. Folks either love it or hate it. Along with Southern rock, the genre seemed to reach an all-time peak in the 1970s. But there will always be bands keeping the music alive because this is the kinda stuff that fans want. Kentucky’s Otis is one of the more authentic sounding blues rock bands we’ve heard of late. Unlike some wannabes, the guys in Otis can really play. On Eyes of the Sun you’ll hear solid rhythms, appropriately raspy vocals, and plenty of absolutely superb guitars. The band is comprised of Boone Froggett (vocals, guitar), Steve Jewell (guitar), John Seeley (bass), and Andrew Gilpin (drums). This band would already have a solid and devoted fan base…but having the endorsement of ZZ Top guitarist Billy F. Gibbons sure doesn’t hurt. Gripping rockers here include “Change,” “Shake You,” “Lovin’ Man,” and “Let Your Love Shine Down.”