Kentuckiana Blues Society: Review by Natalie Carter

It’s a bit daunting, reviewing a piece by blues/rock music that’s already been touted by none other than Billy F. Gibbons, who hailed the band’s “fine singing, sweet guitar notes…all around enjoyable listening!” “Eyes of the Sun” was executive-produced by Grammy winning guitar great Paul Nelson, best known for his work with the late Johnny Winter, and the band has been mentored by blues/rock legend, Headhunter Greg Martin.

The promotional material refers to it as “southern blues rock”, and that’s definitely the bedrock. I’ve read comparisons to the jam-band styles of The Allman Brothers and Wet Willie, but this album is also drenched in vintage rock sounds that stir up essences of Robin Trower, Grand Funk Railroad, Steppenwolf…I get a whiff of something new/old/tasty every time I listen. Compelling vocals, ringing slide guitar on a foundation of Chicago electric blues…”Eyes of the Sun” has all of this and then some.

The first cut, “Change” highlights the essential southern rock slide guitar and features some nice backup vocals. The second cut, “Blind Hawg”, which is the first single from the album, is garage rock to perfection. Every good Kentuckian knows that “a blind hawg finds an acorn every now and then”. If not strictly a blues song, that’s a blues phrase if ever I’ve heard one.

Each song on this album is unique and the set is absolutely cohesive. Other standouts are “Shake You” and “Lovin’ Man”, and “Relief in C” brings some lovely things that are rather unexpected and drops them in the perfect spot in the arrangement.

The album is distributed by Cleopatra Records and is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Natalie Carter
Kentuckiana Blues Society

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