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Grass Roots Approach to the Music Industry

Hey guys! After giving this a lot of thought, I’ve decided to start my own podcast!
The new show is called “Grass Roots Approach to the Music Industry.”

On upcoming podcasts, I'll be discussing and covering a lot of helpful information including tips that have worked for our band, Otis. The insight I'll be sharing is what has helped Otis continue to climb up the ladder while breaking down barriers in the music industry.

Always, the music journey begins with YOU! There is a lot of hard work and time commitment that goes in to gaining the exposure and recognition vital for continued longevity.

This is my opportunity to help others navigate the on-boarding into this industry. Feel free to share this post and future posts/podcasts with anyone you feel can benefit by hearing how we have and continue to maneuver through the process.

- Steve Jewell, Jr.

05.06.18 Episode 2

04.29.18 Episode 1

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05.06.18: Check out this weeks episode "The Tour Life/ Social Media Marketing Tips & Fan Engagement." from Grass Roots Approach to the Music Industry on Anchor.

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