Splice Media Group: An Interview with Otis’ Guitarist – Steve Jewell

Recently, Splice had the distinct pleasure to visit with guitarist Steve Jewell from the band Otis. Read what Steve had to say about his early days with Otis and how the band made their rapid climb in the music industry. Splice: Hi Steve, thanks for letting Splice Magazine have a ...
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Otis – Eyes of the Sun
??? For anyone who read my review of Otis’ EP you know that these guys knocked me out when I first heard that disc. The first licks of the first song with Boone hollerin “You Ain’t Nothing But a Rattlesnake!” really knocked me on ...
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OTIS Publican Nuevo Disco“Eyes of the Sun”

“This young twenty-year-old southern rock band is composed of Boone Froggett on vocals and guitar, Steve Jewell on guitar, John Seeley on electric bass, and Andrew Gilpin on drums. They come from the state of Kentucky and at a time when references to musical genre backgrounds are often an excuse ...
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Congratulations to band OTIS for Receiving Perfect Rating

OTIS – Eyes of the Sun | Cleopatra Records
Executive Producer and guest guitarist – Paul Nelson
11 tracks / 57:24 ...
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Classic Rock Deutschland

We’re in the latest issue of Classic Rock Deutschland (Germany)! ...
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Frankfurt, Germany: Had a great time!

We had a great time hanging out at the session today! ...
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Kentucky heat defeats the Beast from the East …

Tufnell Park saw two rare events last Friday: a train-stopping covering of snow and a jaw-dropping first UK show for OTIS. Plunger had first been tipped off about the Kentucky Southern rockers by 68-75’s Suzanne Sledge back in 2014 but had pretty much given up hopes of seeing them here ...
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New Segment: “The International Rock Review”

Hi Real Rockers!!!
Darren has a new segment called “The International Rock Review”. In this first clip he talks about the smokin’ blues rock band OTIS If you are a fan of The Allmans an Johnny Winter then you will love this band. Check out this video on our YouTube ...
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Otis live in London – Promo Video

OTIS will kick off their first European show at the Boston Music Room in London this Friday! If you like Southern Rock from Kentucky then don’t miss the show! Classic Rock Magazine – Guitar Magazine – EAT MUSIC ...
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Steve Jewell Interview – OTIS – Everyone Loves Guitar #168

“The #1 thing that’s most important for a band’s development is…” Steve Jewell Jr. from OTIS, today on Everyone Loves Guitar podcast #168, off to tour Europe! This call is a virtual seminar on what it takes to succeed in the music business, and how bands need approach this with ...
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A bit of fun

So, we’ve been having a bit of fun making some promo videos for our upcoming Europe tour that starts in TWO WEEKS! And…. we just HAD to share one of our promo videos with you! Enjoy!
#theweatherforcast  #aBIGchanceofBluesRock
#hopeyourereadyEurope ...
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Otis to play free concert Saturday to launch tour

BY GINA KINSLOW Jan 31, 2018 Otis, an up-and-coming southern rock band, will play a free concert at 7 p.m. Saturday at Rib Lickers Smoke Shack off Scottsville Road to launch their “Eyes of the Sun” tour.
Photo courtesy of Scott Willis GLASGOW — Otis, an up and coming ...
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Review: Music Street Journal | Gary Hill

Eyes of the Sun
Review by Gary Hill If you dig a classic blues rock sound, there is plenty to like here. These guys almost feel like they should have been around in the 1970s. Yet, there is a crunchier, harder rocking edge than they would have had in ...
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~For Immediate Release~ Southern Rockers OTIS To Tour Europe & US In Support Of New Album “Eyes Of The Sun” “Stunning” – Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top From the American South, Kentucky, comes southern blues rock champions, OTIS, who released their critically acclaimed second album “Eyes Of The Sun” on ...
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Southern Rockers OTIS To Tour Europe & US In Support Of New Album EYES OF THE SUN

Music News Desk Jan. 25, 2018 From the American South, Kentucky, comes southern blues rock champions, OTIS, who released their critically acclaimed second album “Eyes Of The Sun” on Purple Pyramid Records in September 2017. The album was Executive Produced by Grammy winning Blues/Rock guitar great Paul Nelson (Johnny Winter, ...
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PODCAST: Everyone Loves Guitar By Craig Garber

SINGS LIKE PAUL RODGERS, PLAYS LIKE PAUL KOSSOFF Today, Boone Froggett from the blues rock band OTIS on Episode #140 of the Everyone Loves Guitar podcast. OTIS is one of the most popular up and coming American blues rock bands around right now. Today, we got to sit down with ...
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BallBuster Music: Quick-Tiques | Review by David LaDuke

Back in October of 2016 Guitarist Paul Nelson messaged me the following, “Thanks for turning me on to all this, Had a great time with Greg and Otis. In fact, he had such a great time he got them signed to Bullseye management, help them secured a record deal with ...
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Guitar Radio Show: Top 20 Albums of 2017 – #9 “Eyes of the Sun”

PODCAST: Here’s our Top 20 Albums for 2017. The records we just couldn’t stop listening to throughout the year…
Guitar Radio Show Ep 193 (79:09)
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INK 19 – Year in Review

Year in Review by Michelle Wilson Otis Eyes Of The Sun Purple Pyramid Records/Cleopatra Records When you have the likes of Greg Martin (Kentucky Headhunters), Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) and Paul Nelson (Johnny Winter) on your team, you must be damn good. That’s exactly the case with Otis, a ...
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Redondo y con Aguejero – Top 10 Albums of the Year

Redondo y con Agujero – Spain
by Jose Navas   Otro disco de debut, que se cuela entre mis favoritos. Otis una banda con el mejor de los sonidos, del más clásico Southern-blues-rock de siempre… Toda una exhibición de poderío.  Enorme banda!! “Another debut album, which is among my favorites.
Otis ...
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Rock It Up Radio – OTIS

THE BEST ALBUMS OF 2017 BY INTERNATIONAL GRAVELROAD76. Darren Flower ( Rock It Up Radio , Former Stone River)
Best Albums: Otis “Eyes Of The Sun”The Kleejoss Band “Inception” / Uncle Sal “You Is not No Bluesman”.
Best Concerts: Marcus King , Ray Lamontagne , Rival Sons ...
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get ready to ROCK! “The Best of 2017”

The Best of 2017: top albums, top live acts – the reviewers’ choice DAVE WILSON Live Editor Top Albums Worthy of mention/attention
POPA CHUBBY crossed over with the indie blues album ‘The Catfish’, while Kentucky band OTIS and their southern rock opus, ‘Eyes of The Sun’ on Purple Pyramid ...
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BluesMagazine: Review – OTIS Eyes of the Sun

Format: CD – Digital / Label: Purple Pyramid – Cleopatra Records
Release Date: September 15, 2017 Text: Jos Verhagen OTIS brings a follow-up to their debut album ( “Tough Times” ), something that will not forget you soon, with Eyes Of The Sun. Think back to the seventies with greats ...
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Keys and Chords: Review

“Vintage 70’s southern blues rock that sweeps through your body and mind. Intelligent compositions, sharp guitars and organic vocals create Otis’ original sound. One advice: LISTEN!” -Translated- OTIS: EYES OF THE SUN
19/10/2017 From the deep south of Kentucky, smoky fumes of blues and rock emit. The four of Otis ...
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OTIS is honored to be added to the international roster at EAT MUSIC!

We’re proud to welcome the fantastic Southern Rock band OTIS from Kentucky on our international booking roster! The band just released their new album “Eyes Of The Sun” – check out the killer single “Blind Hawg“! OTIS EAT MUSIC Purple Pyramid ...
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Via Nocturna Magazine interview with Steve Jewell of Otis

Starting a career with a homage album is not too common. But that was the case with the Otis, Kentucky band. Regardless of the importance of this debut album, things have changed radically with the new work, Eyes Of The Sun , which has been so well received. We ...
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Album “Eyes of the Sun”: Review by Pete Feenstra

Album review: OTIS – Eyes Of The Sun
Posted on October 4, 2017 by petefeenstra Purple Pyramid [Release date 15.09.17] OK. Let’s summarise things at the outset. Otis’ ‘Eyes Of The Sun’ is a stonking album. It rocks hard, has a soulful sensibility with blues coursing through its veins and ...
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Now Playing: OTIS Heavy Blues in the Mighty Mighty Preservation Pub Rumbling out of the heart of rural Kentucky like some raw-boned hillbilly with a bad attitude and a head full of sour mash whiskey, Glasgow’s Otis raise an awfully big ruckus for a group of four small-town boys. Founded ...
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Otis – Eyes of the Sun (CD, Cleopatra, Blues/rock) Blues rock. Folks either love it or hate it. Along with Southern rock, the genre seemed to reach an all-time peak in the 1970s. But there will always be bands keeping the music alive because this is the kinda stuff that ...
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Exclusive Magazine: Review by Anne Carlini

Title – ‘Eyes of the Sun’
Artist – Otis
For those not in the know, deep in South Central Kentucky authentic music is alive and well through native musicians who are still testifying to brothers and sisters all around the world. Otis has taken in a steady diet of Roots, ...
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Interview: Simon Barrett Blog Talk Radio

The Week In Reviews – OTIS – Broadcast in Music last Thursday BLOG LINK – LISTEN HERE From the American South, Kentucky, comes a new group of southern blues rock champions, OTIS, who will be releasing their highly anticipated second album on Purple Pyramid Records on September 15th. Executive Produced by ...
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JP’s Music Blog: Review by James Pasinski

CD Review: UFO Return With “The Salentino Cuts” & OTIS Aims For “The Sun” Classic rock band UFO currently have one of their most steady line-ups of their entire 48 year career, having been together now for almost ten years. To celebrate that achievement, the band decided to record some ...
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Kentuckiana Blues Society: Review by Natalie Carter

It’s a bit daunting, reviewing a piece by blues/rock music that’s already been touted by none other than Billy F. Gibbons, who hailed the band’s “fine singing, sweet guitar notes…all around enjoyable listening!” “Eyes of the Sun” was executive-produced by Grammy winning guitar great Paul Nelson, best known for his ...
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Midwest Records: Review – Otis/Eyes of the Sun

Midwest Record – OTIS/Eyes of the Sun: If it wasn’t for the jam band ethos, the sound of Macon might have become just another trend lost in the fashion bin of time, but this set echoes the Allman’s, Marshall Tucker and Cowboy without a drop of manqueing around. Adding ...
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Oasis Entertainment: Review – Eyes Of The Sun by Otis

Oasis Entertainment – For my 493rd review I am proud to announce Eyes Of The Sun, the second album my Kentucky based southern blues band Otis, which will be released on September 15, 2017 on the Purple Pyramid Records label and distributed by Cleopatra Records. This Eleven track album ...
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Vanguard-Online: Review – Four cuddly rockers steal my Thursday night

VANGUARD ONLINE – Wow, just what I needed after pigging out tonight. As good as three expressos I’d say. Otis are four cuddly rockers, with puppy fat and double chins bouncing to their own funky Hendrix like sound. The two supporting guitarists play their guitars like they’re pleasuring themselves, ...
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Q&A with southern blues rock champions, OTIS – from American South, takes blues rock to a higher level!

by Michalis Limnios BLUES @ GREECE “It’s amazing how artists and bands back in those days could hit on emotions and write music that brought people together.” OTIS: Eyes Of Southern Blues From the American South, Kentucky, comes a new group of southern blues rock champions, OTIS, who will be ...
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Southern Blues Rockers OTIS To Release Second Album “Eyes Of The Sun” Executive Produced By Paul Nelson

Los Angeles, CA  – From the American South, Kentucky, comes a new group of southern blues rock champions, OTIS, who will be releasing their highly anticipated second album on Purple Pyramid Records on September 15th. Executive Produced by Grammy winnning Blues/Rock guitar great Paul Nelson, who is best known for ...
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Otis signs first record deal

Glasgow, KY – Otis, a southcentral Kentucky rock band that hails from the tiny hamlet of Sulphur Well, has signed its first record deal. The band has entered into a contract with Cleopatra Records, a Los Angeles-based independent record label, to record its second album, “Eyes of the Sun.” “We ...
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Kentucky Adds Yet Another Band to the Ranks of Having a Record Deal

Edmonton, KY  – I personally have been singing the praises of this young band to anyone that would listen for quite some time now. In fact, back in 2014, I reviewed their John Brim Tribute Album and covered their CD Release show. If you’d like to read those, you can ...
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Official Announcement: We’ve signed with Cleopatra Records!

Glasgow, KY – We would like to officially announce that we have signed with Cleopatra Records for the release of our new album, Eyes of The Sun! Our album is set to be released September 8th, 2017! Stay tuned for more information on the album, our new music video and for ...
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High praise from music legend: ZZ Top guitarist praises local band Otis

Glasgow, KY  — “The Otis disc is stunning. Fine singing, authentically talented harp work, sweet guitar tones … all around enjoyable listening. Done burned it to the hard drive.” That was the message Steve Jewell Jr., guitarist for local band, Otis, shared on his Facebook page on April 26. The ...
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Boone Froggett & Steve Jewell Jr. of OTIS

Boone Froggett & Steve Jewell Jr. of OTIS
by T-Bone Mathley | Otis is a band out of Kentucky bringing Southern Rock, old school Blues and great musicianship into the modern age. The band consists of Boone Froggett on Vocals and Guitar, Steve Jewell Jr. on Guitar, John Seeley on ...
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